10 men’s grooming hacks that every man needs

When it comes to beauty and skincare hacks, you’d find tons of them for women but very little for men.

People don’t usually talk about men’s skin and beauty care since men don’t spend too much time thinking about it.
So, let’s do it!

Let’s talk about some of the most helpful beauty and skincare hacks for MEN.

1. Shave post your shower:
 Shaving comes under the daily routine of most men. And we’ve grown up seeing our fathers shaving pre-shower. However, that’s not how you do it. Shaving on dry skin pre-shower can cause irritation, rashes, and even acne. Therefore, one must always shave once the skin is thoroughly wet and supple because your hair follicles turn softer and you can shave it off easily.

2. Exfoliate once a week to keep blackheads and dead skin away: Physical or chemical exfoliation is mandatory to keep your skin smooth and texture free. Men have thicker skin than women so exfoliation will most likely not damage the skin.

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3. Dismiss odor from your gym clothes and bag using a soap bar: Not to be stereotypical but most men love to sweat out and keep their clothes back in the bag. To eliminate a foul smell you must use a deodorant on your body and keep a soap bar in your gym bag. These will absorb all the smell and your armpits and bag will render a pleasant smell again. Also, wash your clothes and bag regularly and take a shower post-gym!

4. Use ice to make that hangover face go away: We all have seen viral videos of brides dipping their faces in cold ice water before getting their makeup. They don’t do it for nothing. If you’re hungover and your face is bloated and puffy, dip it in iced water and see your face look so much better.

5. Conditioner can make a good shaving cream in sensitive areas: 
Feeling that cooling menthol feeling on your privates or underarms is something you don’t want, a rich conditioner works just as well and protects sensitive areas.

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6. Use coffee filters to keep oil away: If you have oily skin, dab coffee filter sheet on those areas, let it absorb all the oil and make your skin look matte and clean!

7. Powder your privates: Areas down there can be wet and itchy sometimes. So washing it with warm water and keeping it dry can help!

8. Condition your beard: Just like your scalp hair, your beard needs conditioners to make it look neat, tidy, soft and frizz-free! Leave the conditioner in for a few minutes and then rinse. Moisturised beard hair is a lot less itchy.

9. Use styptic pencil: Styptic pencil is a small, medicated stick is made with powdered crystal and a waxy binder and works great on cuts caused while shaving.

10. Shampoo according to your hairtype: If your hair is dry, shampoo once a week. If its normal, do it twice a week. If it’s greasy and oily, three to four times a week would be a great option for you.

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