10 mistakes you’re making while using your microwave

Of course, you know how to use a microwave. Having one is bliss no matter if you are looking to cook something in a jiffy or reheat your takeout food.

And you are already aware that you can’t use aluminium foils or accidentally leave plastic cutlery inside.

But knowing how to use is not the same as understanding everything about it.

Here are 10 common mistakes that you may be making while using your microwave.

1. Not letting food heat up properly

If you are microwaving the leftover food from last night that you put in the refrigerator, or worse, left outside, you must let it heat properly so that the food is thoroughly hot. Not letting the food heat up properly causes the middle part of stay cold and leads to the growth of bacteria. This can cause food poisoning.

2. Using any plastic container to heat food

If it’s a plastic container, it is safe to microwave right? Wrong! Plastic containers that are not meant to go into the microwave might leak harmful chemicals into the food. For example, BPA plastic, when leaches to food can cause a variety of health problems like diabetes, heart disease and even infertility. It is recommended to only use microwave-safe plastic or glass containers.

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3. Not regularly cleaning it

What can go wrong if you don’t clean your microwave for a month? Turns out, a lot. Your microwave might look clean but it is actually covered in small food particles that can lead to the germination of bacteria if left unclean for a long time. So clean it regularly before you pick up any smell.

4. Microwaving in styrofoam takeouts

You are anyway going to microwave your food for 2 minutes, so there can be no harm in just using the styrofoam takeouts. NO. Heating in your food in these containers is dangerous to your health. When heated, styrofoam can leak toxins in the food which will go right in your body as you consume it. Taking time to transfer your food to a glass container is worth it.

5. Underutilising the pause button

Why would you ever need to use the pause button and delay the cooking process? It is imperative to use the pause button so that you can stir your cold meals such as ready-to-eat and takeouts so that they can be heated evenly without leaving any cold bits. These cold bits can harbour bad bacteria can hamper your health.

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6. Microwaving certain vegetables

Are you making a healthy veggie salad and decided to microwave your mushrooms and broccoli so that they can cook without any oil? Don’t do it. Microwaving certain vegetables as these two can result in them losing all the nutrients as soon as the heat hits them. A few veggies such as beetroot and spinach can even turn cancerous.

7. Not making healthy potato chips

If you are taking the long and unhealthy route to deep fry your potato chips even after having a microwave, listen up! You can make healthy potato chips by slicing potatoes, slightly brushing them with olive oil, sprinkling salt over them, arranging in a plate and microwaving for three minutes. Then turn over and microwave for another three minutes. Let them rest a couple of minutes so that they turn crispy. If you can resist, that is!

9. Not toasting nuts

One of the best uses you can put your microwave to is to toast nuts. And it is really simple to do so. Just spread them in an even layer in a container and microwave until the colour changes and the desired crunchiness is achieved.

10. Microwaving your food uncovered

Microwaving your food without any cover on can subject your machine to the risk of splatters when it starts heating up. This can make your microwave dirty and lead to bacterial growth. Always lay a damp paper towel over the container while microwaving your food.

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