10 signs you aren’t having enough s*x

Some want it more than others do. Of course, we all won’t have the same sexual appetite.

You have probably heard someone say to someone grumpy, “you need to get laid”. As though sex holds a kind of healing power. Probably not.

Intimacy coach and founder of Spicey Luscious, Kgomotso Masela, says we all go through phases in our relationships where sex isn’t a priority, which is fine. It may happen for people as they get older.

She says, “Sometimes we take that conscious decision to abstain from sex for various reasons, religion, self-introspection etc.”

If you were ever wondering if you have enough sex, here are 10 signs:

1. Moody: Your mood swings fluctuate rapidly. You’re often grumpy and easily irritable.

2.  Prone to depression: Oxytocin released during an orgasm is known to have positive effects on emotional health and your relationship bond.

3. Sleep patterns change: Inconsistent sleeping patterns due to constant sex thoughts.

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4. You may sexualise everything: Everything seems to stimulate you because you are not getting some.

5. Desperate for attention: You put yourself out there to get some attention from the opposite sex. A simple smile from a crush gets you thinking of all sorts of naughty things!

6. Watch Porn: You tend to show interest in porn sites and find ways to pleasure yourself. (Nothing wrong with that!)

7. Sickened by love and love stories: You get easily jealous when you see happy couples or watch love stories.

8. Dullness of skin: Your skin may start to break out with what we call ‘love pimples’, and that glow may fade away.

9.  Feeling sluggish: You may lack the energy to do usual tasks like going to the gym or doing things that will impact your overall look.

10. A hard time getting aroused: It will take longer for your body to get aroused when playing with yourself or when you eventually do have sex again. If you perform sexual abstinence, where you restrict your body from sexual acts or lose your sex drive.

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