10 tips on how to love and treat a career woman

It can be hard to navigate the course of loving a woman who is pursuing a rigid career path, no matter how smooth it may be.

Most of us are well aware of the influence work stress can have on relationships (and vice versa).

Most men are either scared of a career woman or can’t seem to handle the demands of your career.

But trust me, this is still the kind of woman who can help secure the future of your marriage.

If you are wondering how to treat and love a career woman, these 10 tips will help you.

  • Pamper her even when she can afford it. She is not looking at how much money you spend on her, but your kind gestures that make her feel special.
  • Be the man who talks to her about her heart and emotions. Everyone is talking to her about money, profits and career. Be the one who sees the real her that others do not see.
  • Don’t expect her to shelve her dreams for you or for marriage. She has a strong identity, marriage is not meant to stop her but to bless her. She knows there is more to life than marriage. Encourage her in her pursuit of purpose
  • Don’t silence her voice. She is opinionated and hasn’t been educated and successful to be silenced by an insecure man. As she respects your point of view, respect hers too. Learn to dialogue, her difference of opinion is not an attack. If you don’t find her approach loving, tell her “Honey, kindly use a more inviting tone” instead of intimidating her
  • Challenge her. Don’t be lazy. She doesn’t want a man to babysit, she wants a man with his own vision and who roars like a King, a life partner she can be proud of.
  • If you notice flaws in her, don’t judge her, understand her. She might be defensive because many have abandoned her after using her, be patient in your interaction with her. She might seem tough but inside she needs a man to love her and who she can love. Prove to her she can let her guard down, inspire her to be better.
  • Understand when she cannot give you time or when she has to travel, her profession can be demanding. When you treat her right, she will deliberately make time for you.
  • Don’t pursue her for her money or to make yourself look good by having her as a trophy. When she finds out you are using her, she will cut you off instantly. She is not afraid to protect herself
  • Realize that underneath the makeup, presentable voice, high heels and fashion; she is actually a simple woman in need of love and is not that complicated.
  • Don’t be a male chauvinist or hold on to outdated thinking. She has been exposed and will not allow you to put her down in the name of the culture that demeans women and elevates men. It is not that she is rebellious, but that she wants to be treated with the love and respect she treats her man.
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