12 interesting facts about English breakfast - Haybo Wena SA

From sizzling bacon to perfectly brewed tea, the English breakfast has become an iconic culinary ritual that travels across time and tradition.

The famously known Full English, or even English breakfast, is the traditional breakfast meal often served throughout England with various regional varieties.

The plate normally includes bacon, sausages, eggs, black pudding, baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast, and a hot drink like coffee or tea.

Let’s dive into some interesting facts about this beloved morning feast.

1. ​Different names​

This breakfast dish has various names around the world. Most famously, it is known as English breakfast or full English. It is sometimes also referred to as Fry Up or British Breakfast. (Image: istock)

2. ​Globally popular​

The English breakfast has inspired similar breakfasts in other countries. The American “full breakfast” and the Australian “big breakfast” fall into the same category, with some variations in the dishes.

3. ​Historical breakfast​

The English breakfast dates back to the 13th century, evolving over time into its present form. In the earlier days, a heavy breakfast was required to fulfill the amount of energy and nutrients needed to carry on with work in even the coldest of temperatures.

4. Regional variations​

The ingredients can vary regionally, but they typically include eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, tomatoes, and toast. Scotland has its own version, while Ireland has a similar meal known as an “Irish breakfast.”

6. Serving time​

Traditionally, it was served in the morning, but travelling through time, this plate of food has been part of people’s lunch, snack, or even dinner. mainly due to the various items on the plate and the nutritional value that they carry.

7. Tea tradition

A proper English breakfast is not considered complete without a cup of strong black tea, often with milk. It is considered an integral part of the meal.

8. Veggie option

Every culinary dish has vegetarian and vegan versions. This is also true for the English breakfast; meat can be replaced with alternatives like veggie sausage and tofu.

9. A society for your breakfast​

The globally recognised breakfast has a society by its name, the English Breakfast Society (EBS). It aims to create awareness of a centuries-old Anglo tradition and teach others the history of the full English breakfast.

10. English Breakfast Day​

Imagine that your favourite breakfast has a dedicated day for itself. It takes place on December 2nd every year and is a part of celebrations for millions.

11. Wedding breakfast​

At social events like weddings, the nobility frequently offered an extravagant breakfast. All weddings took place in the morning since a wedding mass had to take place before noon. As a result, it became known as the “wedding breakfast” and was the first meal the newlyweds shared.

12. Create your own version​

There is no thumb rule to only eat the traditional English breakfast as it is meant to be eaten. You can make your own British breakfast by adding or subtracting a few items that you would prefer.