15 topics to build your relationship

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a new relationship or you’ve been married for years.

These topics will not only help you get closer to your lover; it will also give you ideas on what to talk about when it feels like you are running out of topics.

And you can always refine and repeat them as you and your partner will always have different answers each time they come up.

This way, you’ll never run out of interesting conversations.

1. Plans for the weekend (or a vacation)

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a frustrating Monday evening or Thursday night. Talking about your plans for the weekend and you’ll both have something exciting to look forward to. It will also motivate you to work and get through the week with much enthusiasm. Planning way ahead of time for a vacation or that little getaway also gives you both things to discuss and deliberate on. So plan on!

2. Work

A simple “how did your day go” and an honest answer can lead to a conversation you will both cherish. And there is always something to talk about work. From a weird colleague to a bad boss to the tasks you have to complete, these conversations will help you both understand each other’s professional sides better.

3. Sex

Sexual intimacy is as important as romantic gestures. Talk about what turns you on, the positions or toys you’d like to try, your sexually sensitive spots, your secret fantasies and every other thing related to sex. This will both be exciting and revealing at the same time, and you’ll find yourselves discovering new things about each other. However, this also includes problems in bed. Speak up about them or they will eventually turn around and bite you in the back. If your partner is not performing as expected or your sex drive has reduced drastically, talk about it. Think of or suggest new ways of handling it together and you will be one step towards overcoming these issues.

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4. Pay compliments

Tell your partner the things you like about them. Make a habit of appreciating their personality or little things they did the day before, even the ones they didn’t realise that they were doing. Appreciating people encourages them to do more.

5. Worries

What is bothering or worrying you? Simple question, right? But this is something that will make your partner feel loved and cared for. They may have no worries, but the thought that you care will make them cherish being in a relationship with you. Also talk about health issues, whether they are easy to mention.

6. Secrets

Talking about secrets is fun, telling but fun. You can turn it into a game where you each reveal a new dirty, little secret. It will help you get to know each other intimately.

7. Shows and movies

Well, this always gives you something to talk about. New shows and movies come out every week. Watch one together and talk about it. Laugh at them for crying when Mufasa died while you watched Lion King again.

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8. The future and the past

The past may not always be fun and exciting to talk about, but there will surely be hilarious moments to mention, like the times you did silly things as a child or your childhood dreams. You do not need to talk about painful memories like past relationships or go into sexual details. Talk about your plans for the future: the goals you have, your dreams, aspirations and life pursuits. Tell them what you intend to do. This will help the both of you understand each other’s views. Talk about where you see yourselves as a couple in five years. Make goals that will urge you both to work towards strengthening your relationship.

9. Places

Talk about your favourite restaurants, that bukka you just discovered in the next street, a dream location you stumbled across on the internet, places you’d like to visit over the weekend or on special days, or a cool spot you could both sit silently or make out in. It will give you both the chance to explore these places together.

10. Personal interests

What do you truly enjoy doing? Share these thoughts with your partner and see which interests conflict and which ones complement one another. When these interests complement each other, try doing them together as it will bring you closer.

11. Family and friends

Knowing (about) your partner’s friends takes you a step closer to learning more about them. Also, talking about each other’s families provides you with hours and hours of interesting gist. You may have to consciously stop yourselves. This also makes first introductions to family and friends easier and more fun.

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12. Opinions and preferences

Never hold your thoughts back from someone you love. Speak up and state your personal opinions. Talk about each other’s likes and dislikes. Preferences and opinions change with time and new information. The more you know about each other’s preferences, the better you know about them.

13. Improvement

Talk about your flaws and the ways you’d like to improve. Releasing your vulnerabilities freely will help your partner relax more around you and they will break down their own walls and talk about theirs too. Offer and receive advice and suggestions on ways you can both improve yourselves.

14. Offer to help

Offer to help your partner with something, regardless of whether it is an easy chore or a hard one. Working together on a task brings you closer together. Plus they will be glad you helped. Talk about ways you can help them around the house with chores and housework.

15. Proud moments

Ask your partner to tell you about the moments in life when they’ve felt really proud of their own achievements. Memorable moments and childhood memories always provide for hours of fun, hilarious conversations.