3 easiest hack to remove coconut shell that actually works!

Planning to cook something good and delicious using coconut, but exhausted to break the shell and extract the flesh?

Then try these brilliant hacks that will literally make the tedious task of breaking the coconut shell and cutting the flesh super easy.

Read on…

1. The conventional way

The traditional way of breaking the coconut and then removing the shell or grating the coconut is a time taking process. But what if we tell you that just by following some simple ways you can use the conventional way to extract the coconut meat. Take a screwdriver and dig out the three eyes of coconut, drain the coconut water and then break the outer shell. After this process there are two ways in which you can extract the flesh easily. Read on to find out…

2. Boil the coconut

Yes, after draining the coconut water, break the shell with a hammer from the center. Boil water and place the two halves. Once boiled for 5 minutes and take it out with a tong and using a knife or screwdriver, extract the outer hard layer from the corners and you will observe that the flesh will come out effortlessly.

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3. Freeze

Yes, this is another easy way of extracting the water as well as flesh all together. Take a coconut, remove the husk and place the coconut inside a plastic packet or in a cling film. Refrigerate the coconut for 5-6 hours or overnight. Take it out and remove the plastic, allow it to rest for half hour. Now crack open the coconut with a hammer and the shell too will come off easily.


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