3 reasons why the cinema is a bad first date idea

Picture this scenario: Boy meets girl on social media or a dating app. Boy slides into girl’s DM. After a brief chitchat, they decide on a hangout to “get to know each other better”.

And so they go to the cinema to see the latest film. Film ends. Boy and girl go home disappointed.

Except in cases of randy hookups, the first date is like an audition. The first date is how you know if you are compatible with the person.

Below are 3 reasons why the cinema is a bad first date idea:

1. The ambience

The cinema is designed to be dark and loud. You are surrounded by strangers and even more so, the partner you came with. No real conversation can happen in such an environment. It is not the best place to meet someone you don’t know too well, for the first time.

2. You can’t interact

Your date would probably be more interested in the film. You wouldn’t get to know the stranger sitting beside you. You would sit through the film in silence and halfhearted intermittent conversations. And when the film ends, you would have had a conversation no better than what is obtainable in a phone chat.

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3. What if the film sucks?

The quality of your date is hinged on the quality of the film you watch. This is even more tricky because if the film is interesting, the screen would get most of your attention, or your date’s. And if it sucks, you or your date would most likely be bored or anxious.

The ideal first date should be in a place where you and your date can discuss comfortably and also engage in some form of activity.