3 signs your partner is “self entitled”

3 signs your partner is “self entitled” - Haybo Wena SA

Most relationships these days suffer from this common issue known as Self-entitlement.

Basically, this is when an individual perceives themselves as deserving of unearned privileges.

These are the people who believe life owes them something; a reward, a measure of success, a particular standard of living among many other mundane things.

To be on the safe side, here are three common traits to be on the lookout for:

1. Having the “me before you” mentality

A sense of entitlement brings with it an uncompromising attitude. There is a lack of understanding of others’ needs and of certain social situations, accompanied by an expectation that you should be far more interested in their life than they are in yours.

There is an over-exaggerated sense of self-importance accompanied by fantasies of power, beauty and brilliance. Compromises, that require one to meet others halfway, don’t exist in the world of the entitled. Everyone else is either competition – threatening their own success – or irrelevant.

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2. Double standards

Whilst being unyielding to the requests of others, self-entitled individuals make unrealistic demands, oblivious that their personal happiness comes at another’s expense.

Ungrateful attitudes are often directed at you after you have performed a good deed for them. You might constantly change your routine to accommodate their plans, for instance, but they never offer to return the favour, even when you really need it. Plus, they often appear totally oblivious to the inconvenience they have caused you.

3. The feeling of justified rage

The self-entitled are no strangers to confrontation. Often known for fits of rage surpassing any tantrum a toddler may throw, their ruthless, egotistical stance allows them to believe this is justified.

Their anger can simmer passively too; rolled eyes signal their contempt for those around them. Simmering negativity is displayed in cynical and overly critical viewpoints.