3 tips to store food without clips and pins

Storing food after opening can be tricky. It often happens that an opened food package needs to be secured for further use, and we don’t have any clips or rubber bands on hand.

In such a situation, TikTok methods come to the rescue, which allows you to store food conveniently and safely.

Here’s a brilliant trick for closing the package using an unconventional method.

One such food storage solution is the method presented by TikTok user @organizingbyivonne, who shows a trick for easily closing cereal boxes and crisp packets. Her method of food storage is incredibly simple and effective.

In the case of a cereal box, simply fold one flap inside the box, bend the walls on the sides, and then slide the protruding flap of the box into the resulting gap, thus creating a tight seal.

However, if the above methods do not meet expectations, TikTok offers an alternative solution using an iron. It is ideal for products that we rarely use, but do not want to air out. Simply bend the foil, secure it with a paper towel and iron it over the packaging. The foil will heat up, cutting off the air supply, and the food will b