4 habits that shorten your lifespan

Have you ever wondered what shortens our lives the most?

Apart from the obvious reasons, i.e. addictions and stimulants, which threaten us with serious diseases, there are several prosaic activities that can take away up to 13 years of our life! What is better to avoid?

In the race for longevity and, above all, health, it is always worth taking part, because each of us wants to live long and stay young and fit as long as possible.

As it turns out, there are a few things that don’t help us at all, and most of us do them every day!

These four habits are silently stealing our life and youth. Maybe it’s worth taking this to heart and changing your routine a bit to live longer?

Most of us have these sins on our conscience, and the record holder on this list steals up to 13 years of our life, and this time it’s not about cigarettes or alcohol!

1. Doing nothing shortens life by up to 13 years

Number one on our list is a sedentary lifestyle. Oh yes! The so-called doing nothing is as harmful as certain very harmful addictions. Sitting on your butt all day comes with the following consequences: circulatory diseases, cancer and kidney problems, and these are not all the consequences.

According to scientists (and according to WHO recommendations), people who exercise at least 150 minutes a week live 10 to 13 years longer than those who do not exercise and choose a couch potato lifestyle.

2. Screen time

Australians calculated that people who watched TV an average of six hours a day lived five years shorter than those who spent this time differently.

3. Warmth steals youth

Is a warm blanket, turned up heating and a hot water bottle your trademark? Unfortunately, your body will not be happy and will retaliate by aging faster. Expect faster signs of aging, including wrinkles and dry skin. And when the skin is dry, it is more susceptible to inflammation and loses elasticity.

You will also be more susceptible to infections during the season because your mucous membranes, the first line of defense against pathogens entering the body through the nose and mouth, will suffer. Too high humidity has an equally negative effect on our bodies.

4. Multitasking drains your batteries

For a long time, psychologists have been calling for myths about the miracle of multitasking to be put aside. Although the idea is to do more in less time, in reality it usually works the opposite. And in addition, it has quite high physical and emotional costs. The biggest enemy that arises behind the veil of multitasking is chronic stress.

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This is not an exaggeration, it has been shown that chronic stress has a real impact on our health and life expectancy. Chronic stress causes the release of free radicals, or oxidative stress, which damages cells. This promotes the development of heart disease, inflammation, certain types of cancer and accelerates the aging of the body. Your immunity will also suffer and the risk of depression will increase.