4 reasons why you should clean your makeup brushes regularly

Cleaning makeup brushes is as essential as having a regular beauty routine.

Allowing makeup to collect on your brushes can pose serious hygiene issues.

Hence, you should make it a point to wash your brushes on a regular basis.

1. Bacteria can settle on brushes, which are not clean

When you are not particular about hygiene and don’t wash your brushes, they become a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt from the environment around them. This can lead to breakouts and a serious acne problem.

2. Dirty brushes won’t give you the desired look

Application of makeup involves using brushes to blend it in properly so that you can achieve a flawless, even look. However, dirty brushes make it difficult to achieve that. If you have a lot of residual makeup on brushes, it may not pick the right colour of the product that you are using. Hence, it will alter the shade and look you are working at. It also affects the overall look as it can look patchy and streaky.

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3. Bacteria can spread to your makeup products

If you do not wash your brushes regularly and use the same ones to apply makeup, chances of your makeup getting contaminated due to the bacteria buildup on brushes is high. Once bacteria enter the product, it will only grow faster breaking down the product, and using this makeup can then lead to rashes or acne.

4. Save money

If you take care of your brushes, and clean them regularly, they will last longer. You won’t have to keep spending money on purchasing new makeup brushes, and will end up saving money in the long run.