4 smart ways to clean greasy utensils

4 smart ways to clean greasy utensils - Haybo Wena SA

Cleaning the kitchen mess after a lavish supper can be a tedious task, but what makes it more difficult is the mere sight of burnt, greasy and oily utensils that look no less than a mess!

But what’s more challenging is cleaning greasy and burnt utensils. Well, if too, find it relatable?

Then we have some easy hacks to clean burnt and greasy utensils in just a few minutes with some simple kitchen ingredients.

1. ​Salt

Salt can not only enhance the taste of your meals, but at the same time can clean your kitchen mess. Soak the greasy utensil in warm water with a good amount of salt and keep it for an hour. Then using a scrubber, scrub out the grease. Another way of cleaning utensils is by mixing rubbing alcohol or detergent with salts, spreading this mixture over the utensils and cleaning them after 30 minutes with warm/hot water.

2. Rice water and lemon juice

Soak greasy and dirty utensils in hot rice water. Keep it for 30 minutes, take a scrub and wipe off the grease and dirt. The starch and citric acid in this mixture helps in softening the dirt and grease. Using a scrub, wash it well.

3. Vegetable oil

Yes, your regular cooking oil can remove the oily, dirty and burnt utensils using vegetable oil. Take hot vegetable oil, lemon juice, salt and sugar and mix it well. Pour and spread this mixture over the utensils and keep it for sometime, using a rough scrubber wipe off and wash it with hot water. This will remove the stains and rinse off.

4. Coconut husk and vinegar

Mix vinegar, baking soda, washing soap and mix it well. Soak coconut husk in the solution. Then soak the utensil in hot water and scrub it with soaked coconut fiber. This will remove the stains and grease.