It is a known fact that kids imbibe what they see and observe. Their young mind is like clay, which can be molded in whichever way you want to.

This is why it is essential to inculcate some necessary good habits in your kid from the very beginning.

You can make them understand about its importance and lecture them about being a good person; but the fastest way to make them understand is by doing it yourself.

Here are 4 things you must do yourself to set the right example for your child.

1. Importance of gratitude

Counting one’s blessings is the best way to stay grounded. Express your gratitude for having food on your plate, for having a roof on your head and even for having a good day. Make it a ritual and make your kid practice this with you. Maintain a gratitude journal and make a new entry in it everyday before sleeping. This will not only help you bond with your kid but will make them cherish the day.

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2. Equality

Teach your kids about how they must treat both the genders equally. You can do so by making a few changes at your home itself. Divide household tasks between your son and daughter equally. This will make them understand that none of them have a superior edge over the other and will always be treated equally

3. To be respectful and polite

If you have temper issues, you might have seen the same reflect in your kid’s attitude as well. Similarly, your way of talking and behaving too is copied by your child. This is why setting the right example for the young mind is necessary. Talk politely to everyone around you, respect people of all ages and see your child doing the same. Make your young one understand that it is only one’s humility and helpful nature which will earn him respect in all spheres of life.

4. Helping others

It is rightly said that ‘charity begins at home’. You need not donate hefty amounts of money to teach your kids about helping others. Take them to old age homes, make them take part in charity drives or let them volunteer at charity events. These activities will not only teach them about humanity but will also inculcate in them the feeling of doing something for the society.

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