4 times when you should not have s*x

Having s*x should have both of you excited but there are certain times when sex should be off the table.

Here are a few situations that will make you realise the times when sex is not such a good idea.

1. To avoid a conflict

Many people have sex to avoid a conflict as a distraction, which is the saddest reason to do it! Sex to keep peace and to be in agreement to please a partner is the worst thing to do. This just adds to the emotional frustration that none of the issues between you both are being resolved. If your partner is badgering you to have sex then too it is pointless because consent is about being enthusiastic and it is given freely.

2. Under the influence of alcohol or drugs

If you both are drunk then it would best not to have sex unless you pre-decided the same. Many have zero control over their behaviour when they are under the influence of alcohol and that makes things worse.

3. Before a pap test

If you have unprotected sex before a pap test, it will mess up the results. As per experts, semen can interfere with any swabs taken that are needed for evaluation. But according to some experts, having sex with a condom on can also throw off the test. Therefore, it is advised that you must avoid having sex at least 48 hours before.

4. Without condoms

You may think that it is not a big deal but having sex without condoms puts your female partner at risk for STIs or pregnancy. So if you are not planning a child, avoid having sex without condoms (even for hygiene reasons)