A freezer is super handy for freezing any kind of food. Be it meat, bread or leftovers, the freezer helps save a lot of food.

But, sometimes we’re a bit unclear on how long we can store food in the freezer before it gets bad.

Here are a few signs that indicate you’re better off throwing these foods in the bin. Take a look.

1. Ice crystals in the packaging

This means water molecules in your food have made their way outside, towards the colder parts of the freezer. It’s not a danger to your health, but it isn’t exactly tasty either. The food loses a lot of its moisture and this has negative effects on both the taste and the texture.

2. Change in colour

This goes mostly for meat. For example, if you notice a steak is starting to get a little greyish instead of its usual red colour, it’s time to throw it into the bin. The grey colour is a sign that it has almost passed its expiration date. The same is true for vegetables: if they’re losing their fresh colour, it’s best not to eat them anymore.

3. Meat juices

If you notice that the frozen meat in your freezer has spilt some pink-ish meat juices, you know you can no longer eat it. These juices indicate that the temperature of your freezer isn’t stable and that the meat has thawed and has frozen again. Throw it away!