4 tips to nurture your friendships in today’s busy life

We are definitely more connected but less available.

Modern life has become very busy, we are kind of overwhelmed by everything happening around us, and many of us are emotionally exhausted.

Honesty, effort, communication and awareness are key principles of a successful relationship whether it is a friendship or a romantic relationship.

It takes ongoing work to maintain healthy connections, which are crucial to your entire well-being.

Real friendships are tougher to form and maintain as a result of hectic schedules, superficial communication, fake intimacy, and even neediness.

If you have close friends that make your life better, uplift your spirits, improve your health, and act as reliable confidantes, you should absolutely keep them close.

Below are tips on prioritising friendships when life gets too busy.

1. Schedule it

Use technology and the calendar app to your advantage. If you have a lot of commitments, pre-schedule hang-out sessions with your friend. Some ways you can do this:

  • Schedule a regular time every 2-3 weeks where you do something together whether it’s a coffee or a walk by the nature.
  • Double up on errands together (farmer’s market, grocery runs etc)
  • Workout together
  • Book co-working times together and work alongside each other
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2. Don’t ghost them

Leaving someone on read creates uncertainty and unreliability. Acknowledge if they’ve reached out, even if you can’t respond. Some ways you can do this:

  • Say: hey! got your text, but can’t reply right now. Can I get back to you later tonight?
  • If you have ghosted a friend, acknowledge it and apologize.
  • Be transparent about why you’re busy (so they know it’s not them), and when you’ll be available next.

3. Make an effort

All relationships require intention and effort. Friendships need emotional investment as well. Make a practice of checking in with your friends regularly. Some ways you can do this:

  • Weekly ‘hello’ text
  • Sending flowers on their birthday
  • Watching a show together (remotely) and discussing it
  • Make note of what’s going on in their lives and follow up

4. Find creative ways to connect

Find “asynchronous” ways to connect; things that don’t require live back-and-forth. Get creative! Some ways you can do this:

  • Share articles, podcasts, memes or social media content that you both enjoy
  • Send voice notes of things in your day to share what’s happening
  • Play interactive and creative online games together that you both enjoy
  • Send postcards or letters if you’re travelling a lot

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