5 advantages of having small boobs

When some people say “breast is life,” they are not wrong because the breasts serve as a good source of nutrition for babies.

But then some people take this a step further by having a preference for much bigger boobs than the smaller ones.

If you are a girlie with smaller boobs, you might find yourself wishing for bigger ones.

Before you take that thought further, you should know there are some advantages of having smaller boobs that you probably didn’t know.

Here are five advantages of having small boobs;

One major issue ladies with big breasts suffer from is breast-induced back pain. Research even says the larger your breasts, the higher your chances of having shoulder and neck pain. So while you might be thinking your boobs are too small, your neck and back are thankful for it.

Bigger boobs might look more attractive to some, but when it comes to feeling pleasure, small boobs have a big advantage in bed. This is backed by research from the University of Vienna that noted that small boobs are 24% more sensitive than their larger counterparts and are therefore easier to stimulate during foreplay.

Another advantage of having small boobs is that you can always go braless. Do you see the inconvenience that comes with wearing bras? You can avoid it and no one would even notice if you have small boobs. This is even a healthier option as research suggests that wearing bras can prevent the growth of breast tissue.

In addition to this, smaller boobs offer you the advantage of a broader range of options of clothes from deep V-necks and backless dresses to strapless tops and form-fitting blouses, which big boobs girlies have to think twice before wearing.

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Perhaps the sweetest of them all. With smaller boobs, you can sleep on your stomach without much discomfort. Not so much if you are on the big side when it comes to boobs.

In conclusion, the advantages of having small breasts are way more than the above and if you are a small-boob girl, you should appreciate yourself more.