5 beauty potions to sip on for that glowing and clear skin

You must have heard the phrase our diet decides what we become. Along with nutritious food, what we drink plays an important role in how we look.

Switching to healthy drink alternatives in place of cola and aerated drinks helps clear the metabolic waste from the body and, in turn, leads to clear skin.

If your concerns are something between acne, pimples, blemishes, dull and tired looking skin, you need to pay much attention to keeping yourself hydrated.

Other than drinking water, here are 5 drinks that can fire up your body’s metabolism and help your stomach cleanse itself.

Trust us, this will start reflecting on your skin in no time. Let’s begin:

2. ​Carrot and beetroot juice

This red drink is all you need for that glowing skin of your dreams. Both the ingredients in this juice have an abundance of antioxidants that prevent oxidative stress. Thus, preventing any signs of ageing, wrinkles, and fine lines. The fibre in this juice helps regulate your bowel movements and purifies the blood too.

3. ​Cucumber detox water

Cucumbers are a godsend for the cooling and hydrating vegetable they are. Brimming with lots of water content, cucumbers are also rich in caffeic acid and ascorbic acid and many vitamins and minerals. Sipping on this detox water will calm your irritated skin, reduce redness and treat blemishes too. There’s nothing as hydrating as it. You can also add some mint leaves for that zing!

4. Apple juice

If you need to add that natural flush of apples to your cheeks, drink a glass of apple juice every day! It is an excellent source of vitamin A, Vitamin C, B complex, and potassium. Apples rejuvenate the skin and impart a healthy glow due to the high amount of antioxidants in it. Eating apples will also provide a good amount of fibre that can help you correct an uneven skin tone.

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5. ​Green tea

Rich in catechins and loaded with antioxidants, sipping on that cup of green tea can help eliminate any signs of ageing and oxidative stress. It calms the acne prone skin and prevents them from coming again. Green tea also repairs sun damaged skin and fades dark spots.

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