Everyone wants a partner who shares our ambitions, goals, and dreams. Our relationships have a profound effect on our careers.

The more your partner believes in your goals and pushes you to achieve them, the more likely you are to stay motivated about achieving your career goals.

Being self-motivated is important, but so is having a strong support system.

Hence, discussing some of your career issues with your partner becomes imperative especially before sharing your lives together.

Let’s take a look at things you should discuss with your partner before marriage.

1. Job satisfaction

Your partner’s work is ultimately in their hands, no matter how long you’ve been together or how well you assume you know them. You can help by reviewing their résumé, acting as a sounding board, and lending a listening ear when things get tough. But you can’t make them enjoy their job and you should not force them to do it

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2. Work boundaries

Well, it might be difficult to detach from work or build healthy boundaries around your work-life balance in this age of constant connection. Knowing where your partner stands when it comes to establishing work boundaries can be extremely helpful.

3. Discuss salaries

Your income will be a crucial aspect of your financial futures together. It’s critical to be honest with your spouse about your pay and aspirations. Keep in mind that one person will always earn more than the other. At the end of the day, how you decide to spend it is going to be a bigger issue than who is bringing in what.

By discussing these differences as a couple, you will have a better understanding of your present and future financial situation. Everyone manages their money differently, but those in healthy partnerships openly discuss money matters.

4. Pain points about their job

Every sector has its ups and downs, and understanding the peaks and valleys of your partner’s work can be a bit of a learning curve. Turning a blind eye to their clear indicators of anxiety and tension is a guaranteed way to miss the point. You will need to be there when they need you the most even when they cannot fully verbalise their stress. The same is true if you never suggest that you’re exhausted and instead take to constant whining without context or warning. Don’t forget to clearly communicate with your partner.

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5. Know their schedule

Regardless of your relationship dynamics, keeping your schedules in sync is essential. Even if it seems insignificant, knowing there is a half-hour date night on the horizon will make you feel more secure — and content — in your relationship. It also fosters a feeling of togetherness, which is crucial for any couple.

By dealing with everyday logistics together, you will be able to work as a team to keep your household operating well, even if one or both of you are having a busy workweek.