5 difficult life-changing decisions you should make in 2023

5 difficult life-changing decisions you should make in 2023 - Haybo Wena SA

The last couple of weeks before a new year begins are for introspection.

This is the right time for all of us to call a meeting with ourselves so that we can connect with who we are and the journey that we are on.

This process of self-analysis is important for your personal growth and emotional health as well.

You get to develop a clear perspective of life and that is why it would be beneficial to have these quiet moments with yourself often, especially, at the end of the year.

As you come up with a list of things you would like to reflect on, you should include difficult life-changing decisions that you need to make.

We all have different kinds of baggage when it comes to this area, but there are some we can all relate to like the ones on this list:

1. Don’t quit when it gets hard

The effort it takes to resist quitting when things become challenging is more than we think. People who become successful in life go through challenge after challenge but what makes them stand out is that they have learnt how to survive and push on.

As you prepare for next year, promise yourself that you won’t be a quitter if you’ve struggled with this problem. Challenges might not be beautiful, but the benefits are.

2. Leave your mistakes in the past

Did you know that it’s actually possible to be addicted to sorrow? Your mind recognizes a particular issue as something you don’t like but somehow you will find comfort in your own misery.

This can happen when you get comfortable reliving all your past mistakes obsessively. It’s time to learn how to let them go even if it’s through counselling so that you can finally break that attachment.

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3. Get out of your comfort zone

The comfort zone can be extremely difficult to get through because it’s a warm and cosy space of safety.

It might be about lacking the courage to apply for another job, start a business or even leave a relationship you know isn’t working out.

Taking risks is very scary but maybe that is what you need this new year. Take that great leap and leave that comfort zone by taking more calculated risks.

4. Trust yourself more

Trusting yourself can be a very difficult process. It sometimes comes from the fear of making a bad choice, which can easily crush you if you ever make a mistake.

Mistakes are part of life and nothing can change that. The facts are that everyone makes mistakes, even the most successful people and, no one has all the answers.

It’s good to seek advice from others but know that you are also fully capable of making good decisions on your own. Carry this mindset as you step into 2023.

5. Learn to rest

Modern society has taught us that the only thing that matters is chasing after money. Money is a good thing, however, it’s not the only thing that makes life worth living.

Make use of your off days and learn not to feel guilty when you need a break. When you are tired take that as a cue from your body to rest. Enjoy those leave days and book that holiday because you deserve some R&R for all the hard work you do. Plus, when else will you get to enjoy the money you have worked so hard for?