5 drinks that can make your skin age faster

As we get older, maintaining a youthful glow becomes harder than it seems.

Your skin might be impacted by your work culture, stress, and sleep routine and poor diet. And this is more prevalent as people get older.

Keeping your skin young and glowing has a lot to do with what kind of diet you are following and this also includes the drinks that we drink.

Certain specific food items only make our skin worse like for example, saturated fat, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, etc.

Listed below are 5 drinks you should avoid if you want a youthful skin..

1. Soda

Soda is the worse drink we can have for our skin health, especially if we consume it too much. The main toxic content in soda is sugar and also artificial sweeteners. Both of these ingredients can promote premature ageing. Other than that it can also lead to arthritis, bad cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases. 

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2. Processed juice

Processed juice contains a lot of chemical that are not particularly good for your health. It contains a very high amount of sugar and preservatives which can induce premature ageing and make you look older than you are.

3. Drinking excess alcohol

Overindulging in alcohol never turn out good for health especially your skin. Drinks like wine, beer and spirits can induce pre-mature ageing. Go easy during the happy hour if you want to look best in your golden years. 

4. Consuming artificial sweetened beverages

You might not know that you are damaging your skin by consuming too much artificial sweeteners. It can also impact your gut health and digestive system

5. Dehydration

Drinking a lot of water can solve a lot of health problems and that includes skin health as well. Staying well hydrated will keep your skin young as well.

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