5 egg salads that won’t disappoint you

Eggs are versatile, not only in terms of culinary experiments but also in terms of taste and health benefits.

Eggs are loaded with amino acids that help in boosting muscle strength, curb hunger pangs and also improve overall immunity.

Are you are bored of eating eggs in the same old way? Then try these super delicious healthy egg salads to give your body a boost of proteins, healthy carbs, fibers and essential nutrients tossed in a bowl of happiness.

1. The leafy egg salad

Take rocket leaves, spinach leaves and chopped lettuce, wash and assemble them, sprinkle some ranch dressing and toss them well. In the meantime, make a poached egg and place it over the bed of salad and top it with cherry tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper to enjoy. You can also add some shredded cheese to this salad to make it more delicious.

2. ​Sprouts and peanut egg salad

To make this easy salad recipe, wash sprouts and pressure cook them for 2 whistles. In the meantime, boil eggs as per your taste. Take a pan and dry roast the peanuts. Assemble the sprouts, peanuts, and onions and vinegarette dressing along with mixed herbs, kosher salt and pepper as per taste. Top it with eggs and enjoy.

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3. ​Spinach egg and potato recipe

To make this salad take 2 cups of small baby spinach leaves, blanch them with some salt and water. You can also wash them and add raw, take a pan and add 1 tsp olive oil, 2-3 garlic minced, ginger chopped as per taste, add in 3 small potatoes divided into equal halves. Toss them well till they turn brown. Then add in 3 hard boiled eggs and toss them in the pan. Assemble all the ingredients, add a dressing of olive oil, garlic paste, mixed herbs and paprika. Mix the ingredients. Enjoy the salad.

​4. Egg Potato salad

Potatoes are great for health, if you can remove their starch content. To do so, chop 3 potatoes and boil them with a dash of salt. Once boiled, rinse them thrice under cold water so that the scratch is removed. Then in a bowl, add 2 tbsp vegan mayonnaise, mixed herbs, paprika, add in 1 cup red onions, salt and pepper. Next, chop hard boiled egg and mix it along with boiled potatoes and enjoy.

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5. ​Egg and curd salad

To make this Egg, curd and parsley salad, boil 2-3 eggs and chop them into small pieces. In a bowl, add 1 ½ cup of hung curd, salt, pepper and red chili flakes as per taste. Whisk it nicely, add in the ½ cup parsley, handful of dil leaves and chopped eggs. Heat it once and enjoy.

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