5 fashion pieces every pregnant woman should own

Maternity style has been big this year and Rihanna was our inspo.

We never thought that maternity wear could be so stylish but we were misinformed. She proved us all wrong and we’re sorry!

This is great news because now you can wear anything you want when you have a baby on the way.

You don’t have to wear big sack-like clothes and feel miserable because now, there’s more maternity wear options than ever that are actually stylish.

Finding something to wear can still be challenging because your body proportions are changing.

If you’re looking for some ideas that can upgrade your style, here are a few.

1. Maternity leggings

Fashion critics have tried to tame down leggings but, we’re still rocking them. There aren’t many comfortable bottoms that can compare to them, and they can come through for you when you’re expectant.

You can pair leggings with a statement t-shirt or any other breathable top that will keep you comfy. For footwear, you can complete your outfit with casual but stylish options like comfortable sneakers or weather appropriate boots. Be sure to grab these in different colors so you can have multiple options for different days.

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2. Flowy summer dress

A free summer dress is another option that can combine style and comfort. They’re usually so cute and they would be the perfect option for a hot day or a cold day, if you pair with a leather jacket.

Have a couple of long summer dresses and some short ones too if you’re feeling confident. Alternatively, you can try other types of dresses that will still allow you to breathe like a modern button down shirtdress.

3. Bodycon dress

Many women are terrified of being seen with a bodycon dress when pregnant. They’re afraid that it might look unflattering at the baby bump.

If you remember that your baby bump is a wonderful blessing, you won’t be so concerned about what other people think. Plus, it is a very versatile piece which can be worn with a denim jacket, trench coats or on its own. This piece will definitely give you some interesting outfit ideas.

4. Trendy sneakers

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Sneakers are a really fun piece to add to your wardrobe. Plus, they provide the extra support you need right now. Your feet might be sore and uncomfortable most times so heels and flat sandals might not be great options to wear.

With sneakers you will look cute and carry on with your day without feeling extremely sore. Shop for a pretty color or deign to suit your style personality.

5. Belted sweater

You also need something flattering for the cold days. It’s not always easy to find something flattering that will keep you warm, and that is why belted sweaters are here for you.

The belt on these sweaters will add some definition, which prevents that oversized sack look that’s common with maternity sweaters. You can have some round neck or V-neck options and even try some belted sweater dresses which you can rock when it’s cold.

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