5 friendly breeds of dogs for your kids

Pets are always faithful to their master. They are playful, loyal and very trustworthy.

But when there are kids at home, one needs to be extra careful while adopting any animal as a pet considering the safety of the child from all angles.

Pet dogs have been the most desirable animal among all other animals.

But not all dogs are child-friendly, that’s why it is very much important to note that one must adopt child-friendly dog breeds if they have a child at home.

Here is a list of the friendliest dog breeds that are safe to be around children.

1. Pug

They are the most enthusiastic and clever breed among dogs. They are smaller in size but they are the intelligent species among dogs. Their facial features are quite different from other dogs as they have sparkling eyes and wrinkled faces which makes them even more loved. They enjoy everything having an inquisitiveness among them. Pugs are too joyful in nature. The pint-size dogs weigh around 20 pounds. These breeds are known to be very good cuddlers and also require low maintenance. They bark rarely and feel happy with a snuggle as well as with a snooze. They are considered to be very amicable dogs.

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2. Pomeranian

Pomeranians are known for their bubbly and extremely mixing nature. Their lustrous fluffy coats make them look the cutest among all other breeds. Even the American Kennel Club revealed that Pomeranians are the world’s most popular toy dog breeds. They are also known for their vigilant nature. They are intelligent and have a good rapport with kids. They are also very easy to train and have also found a very affectionate creature. It has been noted that around 11 dog breeds across the world resemble the Pomeranian breed.

3. Beagle

These breeds are called family dogs for their playful and friendly nature. They are known for their energetic and sturdy nature. The maximum weight of a beagle can be around 35 pounds. They are very curious and are also good-natured dogs. This breed can be called tireless playmates for kids who are a bit lazy and does not want to work. They can also be good and faithful guard dogs who can immediately alert or warn their masters about any suspicious thing if found by them.

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4. Labrador

Labradors are considered the most well-known breed of dogs in the US. Their friendly nature grabs most of the attention. They are too patient and also easy to train as they grasp everything very quickly. They also have vast knowledge in hunting, dock diving, obedience, showing, and tracking when needed. They are very outgoing, amicable and very active. They are also very friendly with kids.

5. Golden Retriever

A special day has been dedicated for this breed of dog called Golden retriever. February 3 is recognized as National Golden Retriever’s Day which is celebrated to showcase love and affection for this breed. The golden personality mainly attracts people and especially kids to pet them. That’s why they are the most chosen breed among dogs. They are tolerant, playful, fun-loving and friendly dogs. They are intelligent, sharp and faithful in nature and are really good with kids.

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