Albert Einstein is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest and most influential physicists of all time.

Best known for developing the theory of relativity, he is amongst the top most geniuses the world has recognized. Einstein never took an IQ score test.

However, based on his historical records, academics have estimated his score to be around 160.

Here are 5 child prodigies who have an IQ same or even higher than Albert Einstein.

1. Rishi Shiv Prasanna​

Rishi Shiv Prasanna is an eight-year-old genius from Bengaluru with an IQ of 180, way higher than Einstein’s estimated IQ of 160. Prasanna has already mastered coding and even became one of the youngest Google-certified Android developers.

Recently, he was felicitated with the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar 2023 by President Droupadi Murmu, for developing three apps for the Android app store.

For the little genius, reading is an essential exercise. “You can only gain knowledge when you read a lot of books. When you study you get answers to all the questions and there will be no fear in answering any kind of question. If you do not read a book every two hours, then you will be illiterate for the next four hours. I want to be a scientist in the future and wish to contribute to society and the country,” he said during an interaction programme in Mysuru last year.

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2. Yusuf Shah​

Yusuf Shah, who was in sixth-grade in November 2022, scored 162 in the MENSA IQ test, two points more than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. For the unversed, the Mensa IQ test is an intelligence test by one of the most elite institutions in the world.

A resident of Moortown, Leeds in England’s West Yorkshire, Shah has been a math wizard from an early age. He aspires to study in Cambridge or Oxford University in the future.

3. Barnaby Swinburne​

Barnaby Swinburne is a boy from Bristol, England, who took the IQ test in late December 2021 when he was 12 years old. Swinburne got recognized as one of the smartest kids in the world after scoring an incredible 162 on the IQ test.

As per reports, the boy is fond of Mathematics, Chemistry and Stock Market and plans to become a programmer in the future. He enjoys sports during his free time.

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4. Adhara Pérez​

When she was 8 years old in November 2019, Adhara Pérez, Mexico City native, made headlines for getting an IQ score of 162.

At age 3, Pérez was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, which is a part of the autism spectrum. Since she has difficulty interacting with others because of the disorder, she was mocked at by other students at school. Pérez then fell into a “very deep” depression, according to her mom, not wanting to go to school anymore.

Her mom was aware of her daughter’s unusual smartness at home, so she changed her daughter’s education plan and took her through therapy. Soon, the girl’s extremely high IQ was identified.

​5. Anala Beevers​

Anala Beevers, who is around 14 years of age currently, became one of the youngest members of Mensa society at age 4 in 2011. Belonging from New Orleans, Louisiana, Anala Beevers scored more than 145 in a standardized IQ test. The little genius could identify and point out letters of the alphabet by 10 months, recite numbers in English and Spanish by 18 months, and recite every US state and its capital by the age of 5, according to reports.

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