5 housewarming gift ideas you should consider

In life, we experience big and small milestones, both which should be celebrated.

Some of the major ones that we look forward to are getting married, new career moves, having a baby and moving to a new house.

When someone moves to a new home, a housewarming party often follows.

This is where you gather your loved ones to celebrate this new change in your life and a way of settling into your new space, which is basically “warming” a house.

If you know someone who has just moved into their new home and is throwing a housewarming party, you should have a gift prepared.

Below are a few options that you could consider.

1. Unique fridge magnets

A fridge magnet is an artistic piece that can help their house feel cozier. They’re probably still figuring out how to decorate this new space so they might appreciate a gift that can help with that process.

You could shop around for some interesting fridge magnets and grab two or three that you think they might like. Another option, to make this more special, is to get a custom made magnet with a unique picture or message.

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2. Sofa throw blanket

When you move houses, you get excited about the little things like relaxing on the couch in a new environment. They will need at least one throw blanket that they can snuggle up in while they relax, and that is where you come in.

What you can do is check out different places including online stores. Choose a color and print that they will like so that it also serves as an art piece in their living room.

3. Engraved glasses

Engraved glasses aren’t just for wedding season. They can be transformed for any celebration, including a housewarming.

It would be a nice idea if you got some glasses engraved with a sweet message, or even quirky inside joke that they will always remember. You could get this made on a beer mug, wine glass or even coffee mug if they love to drink coffee.

4. A jar of cookies

There is something about cookies that just gives this warm essence. It’s like you can almost smell the fresh aroma in the room when they were being baked which is why these would also make a good gift.

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The jar will also show that you went the extra mile to do something nice for them. Put a cute little bow in it to make it more special.

5. Flowers in a vase

Flowers are also a great gift that will help turn their house into a home. It would be perfect if they woke up the next couple of mornings with a fresh vase of flowers sitting right on their table.

The flowers will be the star of the show and the vase, an extra touch. With the vase you can add some decorations too which you can buy or make some flower food for them so that the flowers can last longer.