Hacks make our life easier. That being said, it’s not easy for everyone to cook a good meal and then leave a nice kitchen that smells great, and has an aura that would attract anyone towards it.

There are several people who do cooking out of passion, while some do it for the sake of it. Just like a skill has its pros and cons, cooking has its own.

With cooking, you might come across bruised/smelly hands, stale foods, and burnt/dirty utensils. This might not be limited to it and may have more than this.

Now, what if we tell you that there are some kitchen hacks that you can apply to get over the cons of cooking?

These hacks have been used since ages and we bet, all the mothers swear by it.

Myth: Rubbing lemon slice or vinegar to ward off any smell from hands

Reality: Since ages, this is one thing for which people have been looking for a serious hack. However, weird it may sound, but this myth is actually true. For clearing any foul smell from your hands such as that of onion, garlic and fish; one must wash their hands with cold water and afterwards rub lemon slice on both the hands. Wash it off after a minute or two and see the magic.

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Myth: Leaving boiled potatoes in cold water for easy peeling

Reality: Have you ever your mother peeling those hot and scorching potatoes in a fraction of seconds? Well, if you have been in that situation, then let us tell you that this myth is absolutely true. While the potatoes are boiled, you just need to throw the hot water and pour cold water in your pressure cooker. Excessive cold water will normalize the boiled potatoes and will make it easy to peel. (Note: Make sure that you add a little water, else the potatoes will be watery.)

Myth: Boiling burnt pan with saline water

Reality: Burnt pan is something that can make anyone go mad, as it’s not easy to clean one. This solution has been believed by midwives to be true, however, on the contrary this doesn’t hold TRUE. The easiest method to clean burnt pan is to soak them in water overnight and then clean with normal detergent. Or you can also make a mixture of baking soda along with lemon juice and vinegar for cleaning burnt pans.

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Myth: Place a hot cup of coffee in a basin filled ice for drinking in a hurry

Reality: Have you been in a situation where your mother made you a hot drink, for example, hot cocoa or coffee, but you are running late and in a matter of seconds she gives you the cup with a warm drink so that you can have it quickly? Well, this is because, this hack holds true when you add a bit of salt in the ice cubes. When salt is added, ice starts melting and the temperature of the drink also comes down a bit.

Myth: In order to stop crying while cutting onion, soak for a minute in cold water

Reality: This statement entirely holds true. Chopping onion is a big task for many and the chemical irritant present in it makes people cry. To make it a hassle-free process, peel and soak the onion in cold water for a minute. Then, chop them the way you want and you won’t feel any irritation in your eyes.

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