5 little things your partner won’t do if they love you

5 little things your partner won’t do if they love you - Haybo Wena SA

If your partner loves you, there are certain things he/she will never do.

Besides cheating and physically hurting you – there are many other things that a loving partner would never resort to.

If your partner has been doing these things then it is time to re-analyse your relationship and act accordingly.

1. Tells you that someone else is attractive

Celeb crushes are fine, appreciating a good looking neighbour too is fine but commenting on a hot friend is not okay at all. If your partner loves you, they will never say it as that is bound to make you feel insecure.

2. Petty fights everyday

If your partner picks petty fights everyday then he/she probably does not love you as much. Generally, when we love a person, we forgive and try to let go of small things. But if they are picky silly fights on a regular basis then it is going to strain your relationship. Arguments can be healthy only if there is a resolution at the end of it.

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3. Putting you down in public

A person who loves you and respects you will never put you down in public. A dispute can be solved privately but if your partner is not doing that then you need to be sure if this is the person you want to be with.

4. Criticizing your lifestyle choices

Encouraging someone to opt for healthier choices is good and okay but it is also about how you address it. If your partner picks on you all the time then there is something wrong with your chemistry together.

5. Saying things that put you down

Never, ever should your partner be doing this. If your partner puts you down, only criticizes you and says that it is “out of love” please ask him/her to go take a hike because no one can do that to you. You should be appreciated by your partner for the good things that you do instead. Also, there should never be any kind of name calling in the heat of the moment. If that is the case then your relationship is hollow!

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