5 myths soon-to-be parents should dispel

The day you learn that you will become parents soon, is the day when you start getting advice on parenting.

Parenting is a wonderful experience, no doubt. Each day you learn something new. Sometimes you fail, sometimes you succeed.

But at the end of the day you aim to give the best to your child and raise him/ her as a good human being.

However, this journey is obstructed by several myths. There are lots of myths and wrong beliefs associated with parenting, which influence new parents a lot.

So, if you are someone who is looking forward to embrace parenthood, here are few myths you need to dismiss beforehand:

1. ​Marriage suffers when kids are born​

This is another false belief that discourages couples from bringing a child into this world.

Being parents increases the responsibility, but in no way it damages the existing relationship between partners. Marriage is a multi-dimensional relationship and parenting is a part of it.

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Do not be a victim of this false narrative.

2. ​Good parents put their kids’ needs before theirs​

This drains out the ambition and dreams of parents which they have for themselves. Do not let this myth motivate you in any way.

If you want, you can be a good parent and a good employee at work. Do not cultivate negativity in your mind when you go to work leaving your child; you are doing it to provide your child a better life.

3. Being strict helps in raising good kids​

While this has been the best parenting strategy for generations, it holds no truth when it is seen through the lenses of research studies.

Being harsh and strict with kids can ruin their mental health. It damages the growth and curiosity of the child. Do not be aggressive with your child without any reason.

Be gentle and polite to them. This is how they learn good manners. Feed them goodness, do not scare them and shove it into their minds.

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4. Punishment is necessary for a child​

No. Punishment is not the answer to every mistake a child makes.

Yes, children do make mistakes, because they do not come with a manual and are unaware of the rights and wrongs.

It is the duty of the parents to make them understand what they should be doing and what they need to avoid. Threatening them is not the right way to do it.

Explain it to your child if he or she has done something wrong. Do not leave them scared and clueless about their deeds.

5. If your kids are not happy, your parenting is to be blamed​

This is another myth which completely goes against the biological phenomenon. During the growing stages, kids experience several changes in their body. Given their small age and the inability to understand these changes they constantly cry, seeking attention from their parents.

This has nothing to do with parenting. It does not define good parenting or bad parenting.

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In a nutshell​

Parenting is not just about raising a kid by providing basic amenities like food, clothing and shelter. It sometimes requires being friends with the kids and some other times it wants them to be a mentor to the kids.

There is no golden rule to parenting. Each has its own way of dealing with it.

Do not get demotivated when someone criticises your parenting and tries to make you feel bad about it. Focus on your child. See, whether you are raising a human being with good values or not.

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