5 of the most unsafe places for solo female travellers

Planning a trip with friends can be very tricky, just getting everyone to agree on anything can be a task, so sometimes one who just prefers to make it a solo trip.

Travelling solo can have it’s benefits – you can enjoy your trip at your own leisure but it can pose its own risks.

Being in a foreign country as a female can be daunting and one has to consider a country’s crime levels before booking that ticket.

With news that solo travel, particularly among women has seen an uptick in popularity, MoneyTransfers.com explored the best destinations for women looking to depart on their solo travel adventures.

Here are five destinations that female solo travellers should avoid, and yes, South Africa is on the list.

1. South Africa, Africa

Whilst South Africa is a beautiful country to explore, it is best perhaps to travel within a group, as the nation is home to the highest crime index ranking and the lowest safety index ranking.

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Not only this, but it’s gender equality index ranking is concerningly high at 97.39.

2. Brazil, South America

Second lowest in the rankings is Brazil, perhaps largely due to its high crime index ranking of 66.1 – the third worst in the world.

Whilst hotels are found to be cheap at $94 (about R1,700) on average, there is a safety index ranking of just 33.9 and so in this case it would be advisable to put safety above affordability.

3. Peru, South America

Peru has an edge when it comes down to affordability with hotels averaging at $51, yet the low prices come at a cost of safety, as the country has the second lowest safety index ranking of all countries.

4. Chile, South America

The comparatively high crime index and low safety index rankings, combined with it’s high gender equity index ranking, makes Chile an unattractive option for female solo travellers, especially when taken into consideration with its shortage of tours.

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5. Argentina, South America

Similarly to the latter, Argentina’s offerings pale in comparison to the safety risks and therefore finding itself listed towards the bottom of our list for female solo travellers.