5 places where Christmas Day is just like every other day

As one of the happiest time of the year, many countries mark Christmas with different kinds of traditions.

However, there are some countries where none of these traditions are marked during Christmas and even though these countries are good tourists and vacation sites, it is best to avoid them if you want to feel the Christmas spirit.

Thailand is a place filled with tourist attractions and it is one of the best places to plan your vacation trip, just avoid doing that during Christmas. This is because there is just a tiny Christian population in Thailand and Christmas is seen as every other day.

Thailand is majorly a Buddhist kingdom, this means, people go about their usual business during Christmas and nothing on the streets, in shops or even restaurants would indicate it is the festive period of Christmas.

Mongolia, like Thailand, is a Buddhist country, and December 25 feels just like any other day. There is no national holiday on that day and even though one or two places might hang a few decorations, there is just no smell of Christmas in the air as it is in other countries.

Qatar is famous for its rich culture blend, beaches and love for history. While this may sound like the perfect holiday spot, Christmas is a no-no in Qatar. Qatar is an Islamic country and Christmas isn’t celebrated big over there.

A few stores might hang some decorations, but when it comes to any actual celebration, you might need to plan it yourself.

In Turkey, Christmas Day usually passes as just any other day which makes it one of the worst places to spend Christmas in. Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country with about only 0.2% Christian population which is why Christmas isn’t a big deal over there.

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A holiday in Maldives exposes you to a voyage of adventure, romantic escapades, sun kissed beaches and all you could ever dream of. While this seems like the perfect vacation spot, do not go visiting if you are planning to enjoy some Christmas spirit because you won’t find any there.

Maldives is made up of a population that is 99% Muslim. The only thing that might remind you it is Christmas might be some luxury hotels that might have one or two Christmas trees.

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