5 reasons love without money is sweeter

Many people believe you need money to love but is it really necessary?

The argument has been that without money you cannot love or love isn’t ‘sweet’ but do you need it?

We need to investigate the claim properly, and we have come up with some reasons why love without money still makes sense.

When you have money, you easily get confused about why they love you. Do they love you for who you are or for what you give? Love without money is the purest form of love.

Taking you out of the country in a jet, and buying you the latest gadgets, flowers or clothes doesn’t mean they love you.

That you started without money doesn’t mean you will remain in poverty. Most of our parents started from scratch with each other. Both of you should spend time building each other’s life and wealth so you can do a ‘how we started’ vs ‘how we ended’ picture.

Intimacy sometimes doesn’t mean eating at the finest restaurant meanwhile you both are on your phones and only interested in posting for Instagram. Sometimes, sharing a meal you cooked together and paying attention to each other is the height of intimacy.

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