5 reasons your outfits don’t look sharp

Looking sharp is a skill that takes a while to master.

Every fashionista you can think of spent a long time learning what looks good and what doesn’t, which then made them pros at combining outfits in a way that looks classy.

For most of us though, there are some struggles we encounter when coming up with outfits that look sharp.

And sometimes you might imagine how an outfit will look like in your mind only for it to come out differently in real life.

The good thing is that anyone can learn how to have that crisp style that many people desire.

You first have to know what fashion mistakes you’re making that could be taking away your shine then adjust as you make improvements:

1. You are wearing bras that don’t fit

Figuring out the right bra size can be a real headache. Different brands also have slight variations in their sizing which just complicates everything even more.

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But, it is definitely worth it to take time to measure yourself. This is how you avoid awkward bulges, spillages and digging bra straps that can instantly ruin a perfectly good look.

Once you know your size, you will at least have a rough idea of what to go for. You can also consider strictly shopping in person for your bras so you can see some of those small details in the fit.

2. You are wearing the wrong underwear

Underwear is generally a very small part of our outfits. However, they make a very huge impact because if you have a visible panty line or a bright one underneath light-coloured clothes, everyone sees it and that is so embarrassing.

So it is a good idea that you ensure you wear the correct undies for each outfit. Have some seamless panties, nude-coloured ones and even thongs for those days when you don’t need the extra bulk. And on certain days you can choose to go commando.

3. You don’t dress according to your shape

Something else that can make a difference is knowing your body shape. Some outfits might look great on a certain body type, but then look awful on a different body shape.

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This is a reason why you should learn about your body and explore how you can customize different looks to bring out your figure more. You should even find a tailor you can be going to, to adjust your clothes in a way that looks best on you.

4. You are wearing clothes that look worn out

Wearing worn-out clothes in public is never a good idea unless that is the design. For you to have that sharp and clean aesthetic, you need to go through your collection often to see which pieces have reached their expiry date.

But, if you find that you have pieces with lint balls or stitches that have come off, you can fix that if they don’t look so worn out.

5. You don’t know how to match the right colours

Looking sharp isn’t all about wearing boring colours like black or brown. Even when you have a pop of colour, there are rules you can follow to ensure you still look nice.

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To understand the rules, research the colours that match well so you can learn the ropes with time. This will ensure you look good even when you’re rocking bold pieces.