5 refrigerated supermarket foods you should never buy

Walking through the grocery aisle and dropping every delicious food in the cart may seem like a perfect shopping goal.

Blame it on the packaging or the alluring placement or ease of cooking, we are often tempted to buy ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook or cold cuts.

But do you know there are certain foods that you must never buy frozen? Here’s all you need to know about them.

1. Broccoli

Another most commonly bought leafy green is broccoli, which we often purchase from stores. No wonder, the exotic veggie looks clean, big and vibrant, but it loses out on the taste and texture when frozen. Thus, it is best to avoid burying it frozen and buy it from a local market. Culinary experts believe that freezing broccoli leads to development of crystals, which reduces the nutritional value of broccoli.

2. Strawberries

The delicious taste of strawberries has contributed to its popularity so much so that it is available throughout the year. But do you know why culinary experts suggest buying this berry only during the season? This is because strawberries are porous in nature, become oversaturated with water and disintegrate during the process of freezing, which ruins the taste, texture and is filled with excess liquid. Also in some cases preservatives like calcium chloride, calcium lactate, calcium ascorbate and calcium propionate are used to increase the shelf life and enhance the taste of strawberries.

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3. Herbs

The fresh and enticing aroma of herbs can add an exotic touch to the meals and most of us stock up frozen herbs to add them easily to the meals without putting efforts to clean and chop, but is that a good idea? Well, these cold packed or frozen herbs lose their efficacy and flavour in the process of freezing and since they are packed together there is a higher risk of rotting quickly inside the bunch. Lastly, additives are also used to retain their shelf life. It is a better idea to grow them in the kitchen and use them fresh rather than buying frozen herbs.

4. Burger patties

Buying burger patties, nuggets from cold chain stores may seem like the easiest option to enjoy some delicious homemade burgers. But you will be amazed to know that they are full of additives like modified starches and emulsifiers. Apart from that, over freezing reduces the taste and loses out on the real texture.

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5. Mushrooms

It gets super easy to buy a clean frozen pack of mushrooms from the supermarket. But have you ever observed that right after thawing the frozen mushrooms it turns all mushy and soggy.

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