5 ridiculous things “Rich kids” in South Africa spend on

Rich kid is a phrase commonly used in South Africa to describe individuals, especially young adults, who are rich and liberal in their spending.

Here are some of the things they spend their money on:

You may find this hard to believe, but rich people in South Africa will spend outrageous amounts to get their dream pets and spend much more in keeping and grooming them. The most popular of them would most definitely be expensive, high-maintenance dogs.

These are not for simply watching over their mansions but for their pleasure and companionship. They most times see these pets as their “babies” and call themselves “dog mum/dad,” “cat mum/dad,” etc., and are very attached to them.

They also sometimes go as far as adorning them with expensive designer items.

Many say that buying expensive artwork is an excellent way to save and invest money, but we couldn’t help but add it to this list. Many rich people not only buy artworks because they want their money safe for tomorrow but because they want to show off and portray a certain kind of Je ne sais quoi.

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Artworks, especially those sold at auctions, are sometimes reeled out for a little more than what they are worth because a particular “rich kid” wants to prove a point. It is a subtle yet sophisticated way to show off their wealth and boast about their ego.

When it comes to parties, “Rich Kids” spare no expense. From extravagant party themes and chic aesthetics to destination parties at the choicest locations, whenever the rich in South Africa want to have parties, they always bring out the big guns.

Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, or just because they feel like it, millions of rands are spent at the most outrageous amounts to pulling off the most talked about parties.

Reserved tables with front seat view at the event, after-party and backstage access, and even getting to meet the celebrities or dignitaries involved in the event, rich folks in SA will most likely never go to a party if these are not accessible to them. Because why not if they can pay for it?

Luxurious holidays are synonymous with rich kids any day because how else will they oppress their followers on social media and show that they have arrived?

From the most popular vacation spots in places like Greece, Mauritius, and France to isolated private islands that no one has heard of, rich folks in South Africa will always be doing the most when it comes to relaxing away from home.

Let’s not forget first-class plane tickets or even private jet trips.