5 rules to keep in mind while reheating food

Reheating food is a tricky thing even the slightest ignorance can spoil the taste and texture of food.

There’s no denying that there are times when we end up eating leftover food and sometimes it tastes better than the day it was cooked, wonder why?

Well, it is all about getting the reheating game right! Here are a few tips to make your life simple, read on…

Why is reheating properly important?

Not just to retain the taste and texture, reheating leftover food or cooked food in a wrong way can cause some serious implications such as stomach infections and food poisoning. Heating the food at the right temperature can not only kill the germs, but at the same time retain the nutrition of food.

1. Piping hot food is the key

Reheating is not just warming the food for 30 seconds or a little more; rather it is an elaborate process in which the food should be as hot as it was while cooking. Make sure the food is steaming hot and is consumed immediately to ensure there’s no scope for bacteria to breed.

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2. ​Cool down before you heat

If you plan your meals in advance, then make sure that you allow the food to cool down for at least two hours right after cooking. Cover the food and refrigerate after the food attains a normal room temperature. Same trick is applied when the food is reheated, take out the food from the refrigerator and allow the food to retain room temperature and then reheat in a microwave or over a pan.

3. ​Do not heat again

When you reheat the food again and again the food loses its nutrients and it also increases the chances of food poisoning. This is why food experts suggest heating the food just once that too at the right temperature

4. The key to reheat frozen food

Reheating frozen food is safe only when a proper process is followed. The biggest challenge with reheating frozen food is that it takes much more time to heat, but make sure you thaw the food first so that you can reheat it properly. However, you can cook without going through the process of thawing, but remember to spend some more time reheating the food till it turns steaming hot.

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5. Reheat in batches

This is a simple hack to cook the food inside out, if you are heating in a microwave. Reheating food in a microwave heat food unevenly and the best way to ensure that the food is properly reheated in one go is by cutting them into small pieces or heating them in small batches

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