A recent research concluded that a high-paying job does not indicate job satisfaction for many people.

Infact, people at higher paying jobs are likely to be less satisfied than people with low-paying jobs. A bigger paycheck does not necessarily indicate job satisfaction.

Moreover, it is noted that employees who are happy at the workplace and satisfied with their work environment are more likely to be productive than the ones who struggle with their job role and working conditions.

And so, integrating certain practices into your career can guarantee happiness in the workplace. Here we list down some such science-backed tips to stay happy at the workplace.

1. Make your workspace more creative​

Try making your workspace creative. Keep your workspace organised as it increases productivity at work. Workplace conditions determine performance at work. A creative desk decorated with artwork and positive things keeps you motivated at work.

3. ​Try to multitask and change your work

Multitasking allows you to learn and get hands-on with different things at work. When you start taking on different projects at a time, it helps you develop core skills and competencies that boost your confidence level at work. Also, multitasking does not let you feel bored at work. Instead, it breaks the mundane work atmosphere, and you get to learn and grow as you take up different projects.

4. ​Have a sense of purpose

Having a sense of purpose aligns with the concept of job crafting. It implies understanding your passion, and strength and working on weak points. Many people just do the job to earn money. However, they don’t make their job role meaningful in the sense that knowing how your contribution contributes to overall success at the workplace. It is about having a deeper commitment to work.