5 scientifically-proven ways to happy after a breakup

5 scientifically-proven ways to happy after a breakup - Haybo Wena SA

Break-ups are complicated, messy, tough, and more than anything, really hurtful.

If you’ve ever experienced a break-up, you’d know that it might take a moment to go through with it but it takes quite a few days (or even months and years) to actually shake off the feeling of heartbreak.

In such a situation, you often reach a point where you say to yourself, “I’d do anything to not feel so sad!”

But guess what, girls, it is possible to not be feeling so sad and hurt!

We’ve got you some science-backed ways of getting over a nasty break-up and feeling happy again. You heard it!

There are legit scientific hacks to help you get over a breakup.  Here are five to begin with:

1. Do what makes you happy

From meeting old friends to rewatching your favourite web series, do something of your liking. Researchers at the University of Colorado studied it as a placebo effect on the pain that comes from a breakup and noticed that when people pushed themselves to do things they liked, they ended up feeling better.

2. Be a volunteer

We all have at least one cause that is close to our hearts. It could range from animal rights to mental health and working towards could help you shake off the feeling of sadness while also enabling you to give back to society.

Research at the University of Exeter Medical School showed that volunteering at a shelter or NGO helped lower depression levels in people while also enhancing the feeling of life satisfaction.

3. Don’t stalk your ex on social media

You’ve probably already experienced how hurtful it can be but do it anyway, don’t you? Well, a study titled Facebook Surveillance of Former Romantic Partners: Associations with PostBreakup Recovery and Personal Growth observed that when you stalk your ex on social media, it can actually make you feel more distressed and start a chain of negative feelings.

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Hence, it is best to stay away from their social media profile for your sanity and happiness.

4. Think about all the things you didn’t like about them

Love is a whole lot about sticking it out, regardless of the imperfections. Obviously, there were probably some habits about your ex you weren’t fond of when you were with them.

It’s time to remember them all! According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, when you concentrate on the negative traits of your ex, you reduce your affectionate feelings for them. It goes a long way in you moving on and realizing you’re happier without them.

5. Take some time off

Most of us grapple with multiple confusing emotions after the break-up and well, it is always difficult to get used to change. Hence, a lot of us end up giving a chance to being friends with the ex.

However, the American Psychological Association published a study which noted that one of the main things you need in order to get rid of the feeling of hurt and feel happy, is time and space. Don’t contact them, take time to do things you like, and give yourself the space to heal.

So, ladies, there you go! Science proves that moving on after a break-up is possible and if you make the effort, it is more than possible for you to be happy again.