5 signs your diet is affecting you negatively

Diets can have a lot of variations. Experts recommend it to people according their body type, metabolism rate, requirement of nutrients, etc.

Most people try to follow a policy of not eating for quick weight loss. They think they have cracked the code but they are wrong. But experts never recommend this.

A proper diet should include a little bit of everything and occasional treats also do not bring any harm.

The reality is most, if not all, diets will work when they are followed the right way.

So, if you’re not sure if how you are eating is doing its job, here are some of the signs the diet you are following may actually be doing more harm than good.

1. You are depriving yourself of food

There are a lot of misconceptions circulating around the concept of diet. Many people assume diet means restricting intake of food. But this is completely false. Moreover, restricted consumption of food is actually harmful for your heath. It will lead to deficiencies and health might deteriorate with age. Depriving yourself of food will also be catastrophic for your health in another way. As you stop eating what is necessary for you, one day you will help up giving in to your hunger and cravings and consume excess food.

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2. You are spending too much time on cooking and meal prep

Take notice if your eating routine requires too much attention and time. Do you take hours to find ingredients, prep your meal and then cook? For an everyday routine, this is not natural and healthy. Spending too much money and time on this will not be feasible for you after one or two weeks. Following a healthy diet never requires so much preparations. You can easily find raw materials and ingredients that are affordable and healthy without worrying or wasting your time. Make sure your diet plan is cost-effective, fast and sustainable.

3. Your body is showing negative signs

Your poor diet or wrong diet will eventually take a toll on your body. Not eating enough nutrients will make your skin and hair dull and dry, It will impact your menstrual health, you might get constipation and digestion problems. The normal and regular function of your body is to convert the food so that you get the energy to stay active and digest the food. But, if you deprive your body of food altogether, your body will stop its normal routine as well. Deprivation of adequate calories and dietary fibers, your hormones will also get impacted. Deficiencies of nutrients will not allow your body to fight off infections.

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4. Its affecting your energy negatively

Do not be too hard on yourself when you are trying to follow a strict diet. Time and again experts recommend that not eating is worse than too much eating. Strict eating regimes will definitely work on faster weight loss but it may affect your overall health negatively especially in the long run. You might also face some direct impacts on your energy level. Not providing your body with the correct nutrients can lead to tiredness, mood swings, feeling lethargic. Some nutrients like Iron, Vitamin D, Carbohydrates and calcium depletes from your body over time and has to be regularly replenished.

5. Your current routine is not sustainable

Stop following a diet in which you are constantly on or off it. Do not measure the food you are consuming. Instead make sure your are eating the right kind of food. Follow a diet that fits your lifestyle. It should give you enough energy to carry on with your professional life, your workout routine and the occasional events. You can also include occasional cheat meals when you can eat anything you crave.

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