5 signs your Gemini man loves you

A Gemini man is very interesting as a partner. He flirts a lot and his personality is rather enchanting.

He will make you blush and you will indeed have butterflies in your stomach.

Besides these things, there are some actions that will give you clear indications if a Gemini man loves you.

Scroll down to know what those signs are.

1. He is big on communication

If he is in love with you, he will open all doors to all modes of communication. He will use his body language, express it materialistically, phone calls, video chats and even texts and mails shall be full of love for you. He will remain in constant touch.

2. He will want to spend time with you

If he loves you, he will do what most of us women crave and long for and that is the time of the man we love. A Gemini man will want to spend time with you. He will actually make time for you no matter how busy his schedule is. He could also be spontaneous and probably take you out on a weekend getaway too.

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3. You will be introduced to his people

Men in general take this step when they are serious about you so why rule out a Gemini. A Gemini man will keep a distance between you and his family and friends if he is casual with you. If it is love for him, you will be introduced to his friends and family for sure.

4. He will try new things with you

Very few people are experimentative in their life and when it comes to a Gemini man, he will do so only with the person he is in love with. This zodiac loves meeting new people anyway but they will include you in the picture. He will observe your reactions and how you take to his ever changing interests in life.

5. He will open up to you

A Gemini man will open up to you and by opening up we mean becoming talkative and energetic. He will be this kid who is super excited about things, only with you! His hidden can of worms will come out. The doors he had locked deep within will open like onion peels and you will slowly get to see that other side of his.

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