5 signs you’re the broke friend in your close circle

The broke friend phenomenon means that in every group of friends, there is the broke friend. Being the broke friend in your friend group is one of the worst things ever.

As you get older, the inequality between your old friends and your new friends in terms of financial status becomes more and more glaring.

Some friends will earn more than you and some will earn less. It may become increasingly difficult to be with friends who earn more than you or in some cases, earn less.

If you’re still doubting your status among your friends, these 5 tips below will give you a perfect answer.

Whenever they say, ‘Let’s go out’ you are usually wrinkling your nose because it’s usually expensive and out of your budget but you decide to go and now the next thing happens.

You decided to go out, you were ordering food, and drinks and having fun until the waiter brought the bill. If you get a heart attack when the bill comes and you start making up excuses about your bank app malfunctioning and asking others to pay for you while promising to pay alater newsflash; you are the broke friend.

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Many people always feel free to ask their friends for money. ‘Guy, you fit to send me R200?’ is their everyday language. They are obviously the broke friend.

If you are the broke friend, you soon start to feel disconnected from the group. That’s because when you are not around, they gossip and complain about you.

Very soon, they’ll get tired of footing your bills, and they will stop inviting you out. After a while, you’ll be watching their Instagram stories from your house because they don’t want you to come along.

Even though this isn’t supposed to be the case, at the end of the day, water always finds its level.