5 smart ways to separate egg yolk and egg white

Fond of eggs, but struggling to stick to a low-fat or low-cholesterol diet?

Then we have the best hack to satiate your love for eggs without hampering your diet.

The key to reap the benefits of high quality egg protein is by removing the fat-rich yolk, which often looks tough as both egg white and yolk mix on breaking the egg.

Well, if you too find it difficult to separate egg white from the egg yolks, then we have some brilliant hacks to simplify your life.

1. ​The bottle hack

Break open the eggs on a flat plate and using a regular small mouth plastic bottle squeeze it slightly. Then create a succession and place over the yolk and within seconds the bottle will pull out the yolk.

2. ​Using a funnel

This simple kitchen tool is usually used to pour oil in small mouth bottles, but you can also use it to separate egg yolk by placing it over or holding it over a bowl, crack open the egg and slippery egg white will slip off through it leaving the yolk in the funnel, which you can utilize as per use.

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3. ​The age-old way

The traditional way of separating the two is by slightly breaking the egg by keeping the halves together and gently allowing the white portion to seep out of the crack. This will help in separating the two very easily, but you have to be very careful to extract the yolk.

4. Using fingers

This is another old hack used by bakers to make egg based desserts and savoury by separating the two. Crack open egg on a large bowl or tray so that the yolks do not mix, using both the hands gently to pick up the yolk and keep it in a different bowl.

5. ​The spoon method

Take a bowl and place a spoon crack open the egg right over the spoon this will ensure that egg white slides out and the yolk is collected in the tablespoon.

Note: The best way to ensure that egg yolk is not too flowy is by keeping them in a refrigerator and then following these methods.

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