5 South African celebrities accused of infidelity


Infidelity is one of the things that cause breakups in marriages or relationships.

However, so many couples have found their way around it while others can not afford to share their liver with anyone.

Looking at some South African celebrities have one way or another other been accused of infidelity either in their marriage of relationships.

Some have come out to clear the air while others made it die down and we did not hear anything about it again.

Well, today we will be looking at five of the celebrities in SA that have been accused of such.

  1. Matthew Booth

Matthew Booth has been accused of infidelity by his wife, Sonia Booth.

Sonia took to her Instagram to air her husband’s dirty laundry and shared some receipts to support her story.

She accuses Booth of having an affair with Bongani Moller, since February 14, 2022, and says she has had enough of his infidelity. According to Sonia, Bongani has worked with the soccer legend on some campaigns before.

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