5 spices to add in your coffee for that next level experience

Coffee has always been our go-to beverage to beat those Monday blues and nail important presentations.

So, how about enhancing the flavour of your coffee by adding a few spices? Adding spices can add extra flavour in coffee!

Below are some delicious ways to spice up your coffee and discover fascinating and exotic coffee combinations that would delight your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.

1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the most efficient ways to spice up your regular cup of morning coffee. Along with containing the highest antioxidant levels in the spices category, this seasoning is considered as a major energy and immunity boosters.

You add cinnamon in their original stick form in your steaming cup of coffee so that it can extract its amazing flavor or you could simply add a dash of cinnamon powder to tickle your taste buds and turn your morning refreshing.

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2. ​Vanilla extract

This is the simplest method to achieve the best of both worlds. If you enjoy the creamy flavor that coffee creams and sugar add to your coffee but don’t like those extra calories, then vanilla extract is just the right kind of seasoning for you! But always keep in mind that just a drop of this extract really does go a long way. Add two or three drops to your jar, or even one tiny drop to your cup, according to your preferences.

One of the most popular approaches involve adding a chopped vanilla bean to your coffee grounds before you begin the brewing process. Keep in mind that the vanilla flavor will be stronger if you use a long bean. Add two or three drops to your jar, or even one tiny drop to your cup, according to your preferences (sentence for the previous paragraph)

3. ​Cardamom

Although less well-known in the west, this spice is frequently consumed with coffee in the Middle East. When prepared properly, this spice provides a distinct coffee taste thanks to its exotic taste and amazing aroma.

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You can add a few cardamom seeds to your coffee beans before grinding them or simply sprinkle a pinch of its powder into your freshly brewed cup of coffee.

4. ​Nutmeg

Consider adding nutmeg to your morning brew if you prefer a different touch to your cup of coffee. Your taste buds will be overjoyed by the mildly earthy notes and sweet taste. Moreover, its slightly tangy flavor gives your coffee a truly distinctive and pleasant sweet-smelling aroma.

Taste and smell should be used as measuring parameters, since it is difficult to weigh this ingredient accurately. For a typical cup of coffee, a dash usually works well, but experimenting to find the right balance for your taste is the best approach to fine-tune your perfect cup of joy.

5. ​Peppermint oil

Spice up your regular monotonous monsoon evenings with some peppermint flavored coffee. From ice-creams to round mini tablets and gums, peppermint is a beloved flavor that is enjoyed by children and adults likewise!

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Using just a drop or two of peppermint oil extract in your coffee would bring the same wonderful taste to your coffee and liven up your mood after a tiring workday.

As the weather gets cooler and the afternoons a bit lazier, what could be better than a warm, comforting cup of spiced coffee?

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