5 things brides should never forget on the morning of their wedding

It’s natural not knowing how your wedding will go regardless of the amount of planning.

Luckily for brides, there are experts who have worked with many brides and know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to wedding morning.

A makeup artist who has worked with numerous brides has shared five things brides should avoid on the morning of their wedding.

The MUA jumped on the TikTok trend where different experts from different professions share the five things they wouldn’t do.

She captioned her video: “5 things I would never do on the morning of my wedding.”

1. I would never have people in the room who don’t need to be there, the only people who will be there will be my bridal party and maybe my mom if she’s got her nerves under control. No kids, unless my own or my bridal parties’. That’s it. Then it’s your photographer, your makeup artist and your hairstylist. There should be no one else there: more people, more stress.

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2. I would never forget to feed and hydrate myself, my bridal party and my suppliers. It is a big morning and a very big day. By hydrate, I mean water, coffee and mimosas.

3. I would never allow only 20 or 30 minutes between getting ready and needing to leave for the ceremony without allowing an hour period between getting dressed and the photographer taking pictures.

4. I would never forget to go for transformazing sheet masks for me and bridal party to wear 30 minutes to an hour before getting our makeup done – for that all day glow.

5. Arguably the most important – I will never allow the vibes to not be immaculate on the morning of my wedding. I’m talking music, drinks, polaroid cameras, whatever it is to bring you the vibes. It’s the time you get in the day with your girls and guys that is just for you, so make it fun. It’s your wedding morning so it should be nothing but good times.

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