5 things men want more than s*x

5 things men want more than s*x - Haybo Wena SA

Men love sex just like everyone else but they desire it more, just to feel loved.

When boys embark on the journey of being a man, sex is one of the most important thing to them but twenty, or thirty years down the line this may not be the case.

As much as that sounds surprising, there are some things men want more than sex, as they age.

Let’s take a look at them.

1. Give him compliments

Men may not voice their opinions over this but they love listening to compliments. You can compliment them on their appearance, body posture, speaking skills or simply personality. They will feel elated.

3. Don’t lash out at him

Fights and arguments are healthy in any relationship but when it exceeds a level where the partners are yelling and lashing out at each other, it becomes toxic. No man wants that. A healthy discussion and communication require two people to sit calmly and talk about solving the issue.

4. Show how proud you are of him

Men love it when their partner shows how proud they are of them. Using one’s body language to show how proud they are of them can be a great way to show love. Men feel very happy when their work or efforts are recognised.

5. Show him your gratitude

Even though men may not show it as much, they love the fact that their partner shows them gratitude. A simple ‘thank you’ or ‘sorry’ gesture goes a long way if you want to make your man feel loved, outside of sex.

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