5 things to do outside the bedroom for a better s*x life

A good sex life isn’t just about sex. It’s so much more. How you and your partner act around each other, the vibe, the passion, and the environment account for a sensual sexual encounter.

The bedroom isn’t the only place to light up the fire of passion and sex, but doing activities together with your partner can also turn you both on!

Here are some things you can do outside the bedroom to have a good sex life.

1. Shopping together

Shopping for clothes together can amp up the sexual tension between you and your partner. Seeing your partner try on something attractive can easily turn you on and lead you both to the bedroom for a steamy, hot session.

2. Cook together

You both can make cooking sexy by licking each other’s fingers up for the taste, or whipping some cream to make it more sensual. This will definitely arise feelings of passion and this is a very therapeutic activity that can help bond you both together even more.

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3. Working out together

By doing this together, you both will definitely keep the temperature soaring high! Seeing your significant other work out can be a glory experience; in all that sweat and amazing posture, sex is definitely going to hit the mind.

4. Planning a trip together

Planning a vacation or trip with your partner will arouse the excitement within you both. Planning a romantic getaway includes looking for cozy, snug hotel rooms, itinerary and even clothes for the trip. The excitement of spending time together will accentuate the sensual feelings.

5. Dancing together

A lap dance together or bachata is very sensual and playful if you both are in the mood for sex. Being close with your partner and making moves will arouse both of you, leading to a hot makeout session. Kisses, cuddles, hugs in between dance moves can be just as lovely.