5 things your teen doesn’t want you to know

Parenthood comes with some stages that can drive you crazy. We know about the terrible twos but the one that really tests your sanity is teen-hood.

If you think back to that time when you were a teen, you can remember exactly how that experience was.

This is a period where your mind, body and mannerisms are changing, and honestly, it’s not always a smooth transition for parents.

A big challenge that often comes up during this time, between parents and teens, is communication.

Many kids start being more withdrawn, and they might not easily tell you every detail about their lives. Still, it’s important for you to know what’s going on with your teen.

To help you understand them better, here are five things your teen might be hiding from you that you need to aware of.

1. They are self-conscious about their body

More people these days are having a hard time accepting who they are, including adults. And for teens this pressure can feel ten times worse because they’re still growing and learning to accept the new changes they’re seeing.

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Your teen might not be open about this struggle, probably until the day you spot the signs that they’re going through something.

2. They catch on faster than you think

Parents often see their teens as these naïve babies. Definitely, they’re naïve but, not as much as you might be assuming. Your teen won’t tell you that they heard you arguing in the bedroom last night nor will they mention that they know you keep a secret stash of cigarettes in your dresser.

Your teen is very observant so they know a lot more than you think they do.

3. They have experimented with alcohol before

Teens are also often curious about the things they see adults doing, like drinking. You might not know it but your teen might have had a couple of sips before.

They certainly don’t want you to find out because you might get furious. They might have drank with their friends at home or at school, and there is a high likelihood they have tasted some of your drinks that you keep at home when you weren’t around.

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4. They have a boyfriend/girlfriend

Hearing that your teenager is dating can cause you to panic and understandably so. The scariest thing about this is, who knows what they’re up to when no one is watching.

Your teen knows the fears you have and that is why they might not want you to know about their dating life. They also don’t want you to spoil all the fun so, they would rather keep this information from you.

5. They already know about sex through porn

Statistics show that kids as young as ten have been exposed to pornographic content online. Many of these sites don’t have any measures to protect kids, which is very alarming.

Therefore, you need to know that your teen might have already been exposed to this. That is why parents are encouraged to educate their kids early about sex so that they’re able to understand what it is and make better decisions for their lives.

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