5 tips to help support your partner through job loss

The ongoing Layoff wave is upon us and as per reports the world can expect yet another recession.

If your partner becomes jobless then make sure you support them the right way.

Read on these tips that can help support your partner through job loss.

1. Let them vent

It is very important that you listen to your partner or else what is the point of being a partner in the first place? You must focus on listening to their troubles and let them vent out their frustration especially when they have lost their job. You do not have to be a solver, just be a good listener and let them lighten the burden they feel on their heart.

2. Give them time to cope

When a person is fired or laid off from his or her job, the feeling is very personal and it affects your self-worth. The feeling is worse if that person is the main provider or someone very independent. Give the person some time to get rid of that stung feeling. They may show grief like symptoms and it takes time to process so your patience here is of utmost importance.

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3. Be empathetic

When your partner loses their job, you have to make a special effort to not be angry because one person’s joblessness affects the household automatically. Instead of blaming them for anything try to rise to the occasion and with empathy. Be patient.

4. Encourage them to explore their passionate side

Now that the job is gone, encourage your partner to see the silver lining and encourage their passion. If they like cooking, drawing, art and craft, working out, dancing, training, or your partner has a love for learning new languages. Encourage them to explore those activities and see how those things can become lucrative.

5. Remind them of their strengths

Job loss leaves a very negative impact and the feelings attached to it can be very depressing. You as a partner of a person who has just lost their job, has to be the biggest emotional support for them. Remind them of their strengths and who they are and the fact that they are very capable of achieving things once they set their mind towards it. Ask them to practice daily affirmations, sit with them and do the same to push them. Do not show pity, just encourage.

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